Office Removals and the Benefits of Office Moves
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Office Removals and the Benefits of Office Moves
Author: Furniture Removal Companies   Posted: 29 May 2013


Office moves can be complicated and time consuming, which means they are generally done out of necessity in order to create more space for business expansion. Proper planning can make an office move a lot easier and hiring a professional office removals company can take away the bulk of the stress.

Here are some great ideas to help you gain the maximum value out of your office move:

1.  Moving is a great excuse for decluttering. Take advantage of the sorting and packing time to get rid of old files and archiving or storing files you might still need later electronically. Simply scan the documents and store them in an electronic archive. Not only will this get rid of bulk, but it will save a lot of space in the office and save on moving costs.

2. A new office is more effective with new equipment and decor. There's no better time to revamp your equipment and upgrade your office decor. A happy space is conducive to productive workers who have pride in the company and in their service delivery.

3. Moving to a new location might enable you to make use of new or better suppliers. Where it was not practical to use a cheaper or better supplier previously, you might now be able to make use of their services for more favourable terms. Perhaps you might be able to negotiate more suitable contracts with existing suppliers or service providers too.

4 Tips for a Smooth Office Move

  • Let a lawyer check over both the old and the new lease agreements and limit your liabilities. If you're going to spend money to upgrade facilities already, you don't want to get tangled into sticky rental contracts as well.

  • Hire a professional office removal company to pack and move your items. They will usually come to your office the day before to collect non-critical items.

  • Appoint a team of employees who will be dedicated to handling the move, each with his or her own tasks and responsibilities.

  • Notify utility companies, suppliers and service providers of the move a few weeks in advance to ensure that operations continue with as little delay as possible.

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