Packing fragile items to avoid breakages
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Packing Linens and Clothes for Your Move
Author: Furniture Removal Companies   Posted: 25 May 2013


One would think that you could simply throw your clothes and bedding in a bag and not worry about it until you arrive at the new house. It’s not that easy, particularly if your things are going into storage for a while. As it turns out, rodents, insects, fish moths, mildew and mold like your winter woolies and your precious heirloom tablecloths even more than you do. Remember, the more delicate the material, the more precautions you should take to look after it.

Here are some of our top tips for keeping your linen items in tact during your move and during storage.

Don’t Store Linens in Cardboard Boxes

Also avoid plastic bags, plastic containers and wood shelves or drawers. The cardboard can be damaged by rodents and insects, while plastic gives off chemicals that can yellow your whites and weaken fabrics. This is particularly important for vintage items and precious fabrics such as curtains, mens’ suits and wedding or evening gowns.

*Note: This is for long-term storage. Most homes receive plenty ventilation and closets are generally cool, resulting in good storage conditions for your items.

Do Dry-Clean or Launder First

Check care labels on all your items and send the dry-clean only items in to be cleaned and wash the other items at least 10 days before you start packing.

While the items may look clean, there may be invisible stains that could attract pests. Use a small amount of detergent and ensure that the items are rinsed out properly, as excess cleaning materials could cause discolouration of your items.

Allow your linens to dry thoroughly after washing and again after ironing. Moisture will cause mildew.

Folding and Packing

It’s better to store items un-ironed, as starch also attracts insects. Also, the folds and creases may cause damage to the fibers if you store the linens for a long period of time. Rather roll the items up.

While scented tissue paper smells nice and will keep your items fresh, it will also stain items. Rather use fresh herbs and flowers (lavender or rosemary) and cedar chips in small gift pouches to keep your items smelling beautiful.

Store your mohair and wool items in cedar wood trunks or chests. Place the items in muslin pouches, or line the drawers with freshly laundered muslin cloth or pillow cases.

Other items can be stored in archival quality boxes. Again, line it with pillow cases or muslin.

3 More Packing Tips:

  • Save packing space by folding up your your sheets and bedspreads and placing each full set inside one of the matching pillow case.
  • Store all the boxes, crates and trunks in a cool, dry storage compartment. Use silicon moisture absorption sachets to soak up any moisture.
  • Keep all the containers off the ground with pallets.

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