Packing fragile items to avoid breakages
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Packing fragile items to avoid breakages
Author: Furniture Removal Companies   Posted: 25 May 2013


One of the worst things about moving is losing sentimental items to breakage. While professional furniture and household removal companies do their best to protect your items (especially boxes marked "fragile"), it is best to take every precaution. Here are some of our best packing tips for breakable items.

Best packing practices always begin with the right tools:

  • strong, durable boxes that have stable sides
  • secure packaging tape
  • packing peanuts / bubble wrap
  • old paper (not newsprint)

Storage box with handles are better than cardboard boxes to pack your heavy crockery items or ornaments. Storage boxes are great for other uses after the move and last forever.

Start collecting shredded paper from the office when you first confirm the move. Shredded paper makes great cushioning for packed glassware. Don’t use newspaper, because it will stain your crockery and you will have to wash it again when you unpack, making for extra work. You could use blank newsprint or brown-paper.

The Best Place to Pack your Breakables

Working on the floor means that you are less likely to drop breakable items than trying to work on a high surface. Additionally, glassware can scratch surfaces, such as glass or wooden tables.

Packing up your kitchen - Step by Step

1. Line the box

Line your storage box first with newspaper and then pile on shredded paper to limit damage.

2. Layer by layer

Start by packing your saucers and plates first, after you have wrapped each item in brown paper or bubble wrap. The paper will cushion the items, preventing them from banging against one another and breaking.

3. Top up delicately

Gently wrap delicate items such as wine glasses and figurines in bubble wrap and place them at on their sides. They should be packed towards the top of the box. Keep an eye on the height of items to avoid packing the box too high.

4.  Seal & Document

List the items as you pack them, stating how many plates, saucers and whatever else went into the box. Seal the box securely with strong packing tape and write the word “FRAGILE” in big letters on each side and the top of the box. Draw arrows to indicate which way is up.

Bonus Tip

Leave a small space at the top of the box which you can fill with paper to protect delicate items in the event that another box is stacked on top . Once you have packed everything in the box, there will be gaps between the items inside and the box - place shredded paper or kitchen towels in those gaps to both protect your items and save on boxes.

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