A Furniture Removal Company or DIY Move? The Pros and Cons
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Furniture Removal Company or DIY Move - Pros and Cons
Author: Furniture Removal Companies   Posted: 04 May 2013


Moving can be traumatic at the best of times and that's why you should learn as much as you can about what the process involves in order to avoid the common pitfalls.

When you decide to move, you have the option of hiring a moving company or handling the move yourself. Many people decide to hire a truck and handle the packing and moving themselves in order to save costs and to protect their valuable assets from damage or loss.

Considerations When Hiring a Truck

Hiring a truck is a great idea, provided you know what you are doing. Of course you will need a suitable drivers license and experience in handling it on the road. However, you should consider the costs carefully and don't forget that fuel costs and insurance play a part as well.

If you decide to hire a truck, pay due diligence to ensure that the truck has been maintained properly. A faulty truck driven by an inexperienced driver can have serious repercussions.

Stacking Up Your Moving Costs

Movers have a range of fee structures. While some of the more unprofessional furniture removal companies use the pops method (quoting the first amount that pops into their heads), the more reputable companies will use a more scientific method. Take your time to answer questions regarding the size, time and date of your move for an accurate quote.

The duration of the move might be an influencing factor and that's something to keep in mind when you are moving to another town rather than just another home in the same area. These moves will usually be charged by the hour and by the load size. Travel time will be calculated from the time the crew leaves their office to the time when they reach your residence, to the delivery point and back to the office. Your distance from the office will also determine how much they charge for fuel;  this is calculated at a rate per kilometre.

Who will be packing your possessions?

No time to pack? No problem. You can hire a reputable furniture removal company to do it for you. They will pad large electronics with blankets.  It's worth your while having a moving company pack your breakables professionally. However, you will be charged for the materials used and for the labour costs.That means that you only have to pack your clothes, linens, books and small personal items.

If you want to leave your clothes inside freestanding wardrobes and dressers, you can do it, provided it doesn't make the furniture too heavy. Remember to lock the doors and put tape or rope around it so that the doors don't swing open and cause damage. You can put cloth or cardboard reinforcements around the corners to prevent the rope from cutting into it.

Protecting Your Valuables Against Damage

Some people believe that something will always break during every move. However, there are some steps you can take to avoid that.

Hiring a reputable furniture removal company will go a long way to not only treating your move with care, but in the event of a breakage, replacing your items. Most quality furniture removal companies offer various types of liability insurance options.

When shopping for a furniture removals company, you have to select smartly. Choose a company that offers professional service at an affordable rate.

Here are some more quick tips to make for a smooth move:

Pack the small things in advance. Get sturdy boxes, a permanent marker and labels. Mark everything clearly and number the boxes. Keep a list against which you can check that everything arrived at the new home or office. A packing list will also make it easier to get quotes.

Let the moving company pack large televisions, mirrors and glass tables. They will take greater care when they know what they are dealing with.

Avoid unnecessary snags. Notify the moving company of the distance and special conditions that might hinder their progress; this includes stairs, vehicle height or weight restrictions, steep driveways or narrow roads. They will be able to bring along tools and equipment to make it easier.

Ask about their vehicles. Depending on the size of your move,  they will choose a suitable vehicle. However, you can ask for an enclosed truck in the event of rain on moving day. Check that the truck is in roadworthy condition and fitted with a tracking device. Good moving companies will have a supervisor present with each move.

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