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Typical Furniture Removal Scams to watch out for
Author: Furniture Removal Companies   Posted: 17 September 2013


For every legitimate furniture removal company, you're bound to run into some unscrupulous con-artist trying to cheat you out of your hard-earned cash. Moving time is probably one of the worst times to be scammed, because it is such an expensive and stressful time already. However, with proper research you can limit your chances of being scammed significantly.

When researching a company, it is important to do your homework carefully. You can go to sites such as to look at the feedback that people have left about companies you consider hiring.

While very few companies will only have positive reviews, you should consider whether you are prepared to accept if the worst case scenario happened to you. A moving company that arrives an hour late is one thing; it's almost acceptable in a local move, but what if they don't arrive at all?

People from all over the world have been duped by fake furniture removal companies that ask for large deposits, and then disappear, or simply just not arrive.

When you look at company reviews, you will see stories such as these:

  • A lady recently found a furniture removal company that, after she paid her 50% deposit, promised to arrive. However, on moving day there was no truck. After trying in vain to get hold of the company, she finally reached them at the end of the day. They promised to arrive the next day, but they never did. The lady had to contact another furniture removal company, and never managed to get her deposit back.
  • Another couple took off the day for a small local move and hired a local removal company. The deposit was paid and the move was booked for 12 o'clock. The boxes and furniture lined the hallways. However, the truck didn't arrive. Upon calling the furniture removals company, they were informed that the driver they spoke to was not working on that day.
  • A certain furniture removals company charged a man a hefty deposit to secure a booking on the date of his choosing, but would not confirm the booking afterwards. He had only 2 days available in which to move, and was told only on the second morning that they would not be able to accommodate his move.

These furniture removals reviews show how important it is for you to do your research prior to paying a deposit to the first or cheapest moving company.

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