DIY Move vs. Professional Furniture Removals
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DIY Move vs. Professional Furniture Removals
Author: Furniture Removal Companies   Posted: 03 July 2013


Counting your pennies is usually a good thing, but when you are moving, you should be careful not to throw good money after bad.  Packing and shipping your move using an all-in-one furniture removals company is often less complicated than doing it all by yourself.

Furniture Removal Companies Have the Tools

From portable cardboard wardrobes to wine boxes, book boxes and archive cartons, a professional furniture removals company has it all. That means that all your items will be packed appropriately and professionally.

Your fragile items will be secured with bubble wrap, protective wrap, mattress or furniture protectors and strong packing tape.

Most importantly, furniture removals companies have access to shipping containers, trucks, hardware and moving crews to take a lot of the pressure of your move off of you.

Furniture Removal Companies Have the Experience

Hiring a reputable furniture removals company for your local, national or international move means that your move will be handled professionally. They have performed moves before and have the experience to rely on when there are rush decisions to be made during your move. They are naturally good at organising and prioritising various aspects of a move.

Furniture Removal Companies Have the Time

One of the things that people who have to move don't have a lot of, is time. It takes time to make all the arrangements and to do the dozens of little things that require their personal attention, such as change of address, transferring medical records and more. With so much on your plate, it's so much easier to know that the mundane details can be left to the professionals, who know what it requires to do the job well.

How to save more time during your move:

1. Ask your furniture removals company if they offer a packing service. If they do, you won't have to hunt for the right boxes and other packing materials, as they will have it already.

2. Give away or sell anything of value that you will not need at your new home to save time and packing / moving costs.

3.  Let the company know of any specific non-standard issues that form part of your move, for example, if you require a piano removal or pet removal. This way, the furniture removals company can plan properly, saving time and money.

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