Four most Difficult Items to Move
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Four most Difficult Items to Move
Author: Furniture Removal Companies   Posted: 05 June 2013


The one good thing about moving is that it burns calories. After a day spent bending, standing up, lifting, lugging, carrying and climbing stairs you're sure to be beat. But there's more to moving than boxes and small furniture items. There are some jobs that are best left to the experts - furniture removals companies who have the experience needed to move specialist items.

Here's a rundown of 4 of the hardest things to move:

1. High-End Technology

Televisions can be heavy, large and awkward to carry. It's important to wrap it up properly to secure the monitor from damage. If you no longer have the box and the original packing materials, you can wrap it in a blanket. Never put a plasma screen TV face down, as it can damage the unit. A professional furniture removals company can professionally pack it for you.

2. Fine Art

Art pieces are often expensive and have sentimental value. Paintings and sculptures are often fragile and therefore it's best to wrap them in bubble wrap. You can wrap cardboard pieces around the sides to protect each item. All the smaller items can then be put into a large box together, making it easier to carry.

3.  Pianos

Grand pianos in particular are very heavy in addition to being oddly shaped. These factors not only make it heavy to lift and move, but also to move in and out of buildings. Ideally, you should hire piano movers to do it for you.

4. Pets and Fish

Going in a car can be traumatic for pets that are not car-trained. Speak to your vet and to a pet removals company about your options.

Moving with an aquarium can be very complicated as fish often don't survive the trauma of temperature changes and sloshing around in the water. Most experts suggest selling your fish. If you do want to take them with you, research options such as a holding container and remember not to drain all the water out of the tank. Ideally, the fish should be moved with you in the car and not on the truck.

Speak to your furniture removals company about any other concerns you have about non-standard movable objects.

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