Packing and Communication Objectives for Your Long Distance Move
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Packing and Communication Objectives for Your Long Distance Move
Author: Furniture Removal Companies   Posted: 05 June 2013


Nobody likes to move, but sometimes we just have to do it and make the best of it. Moving is a good time for a fresh start in a new city with new people, new jobs, new schools and of course a new house. That brings us back to the actual event of the long distance move: packing, organizing furniture removals estimates, resigning from jobs, address changes with companies, suspending local services, and more packing.

If you easily get frazzled and overwhelmed, it's important to focus on the objective of all the tasks at hand.

Packing Objectives

A long distance move is the perfect opportunity to remove clutter. Consider how the various items will fit into your new life and your new home. Keep only one box of sentimental items per person to travel lightly through life and to your new destination.

Consider these aspects when you consider personal and household items to take along:

  • climate in your new town
  • size of the new home
  • storage space at the new home
  • amount of rooms in the new house
  • hobbies you will or won't be able to pursue

If packing is too much or too emotional for you, remember that many reputable furniture removals companies offer a packing service.

Communication Objectives

During the move, your estate agent and furniture removals company will probably become your best friends - or so it will seem to your other friends. You are likely to be preoccupied about the move.

In a digital world where so much of our lives are contained neatly in a laptop, it's easy to forget the physical aspects that hum along seamlessly. While arranging for the actual activity of the move, remember the peripheral issues such as communicating  with your kids' schools, your doctors, the telephone company, garden services and other services. Remember to suspend local services and subscriptions ahead of time. If you're not sure when to do it, refer to your service contracts.

Bonus Time Management Tip

Setting up a schedule of your move to keep on track with what needs to be done and when it should be done can help you stay on track. Some issues are time sensitive and can't be left until the last minute, while others can be done long in advance.

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