Choose a Furniture Removals Company you can trust.
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Choose a Furniture Removals Company you can trust.
Author: Furniture Removal Companies   Posted: 03 May 2013


Cheaper is not necessarily better and this is especially the case when it comes to furniture removal companies. Today, we will discuss the disadvantages of hiring cheap companies and why you should rather consider removal companies that you can trust, even if you have to pay a bit more.

Cheap Insurance Companies are Not Usually Insured

It might make sense to accept the cheapest quote when you’re moving, but what happens if something is broken while in transit? When a company charges a low price, there is very little margin to deal with. So if an expensive item breaks, you could well find yourself further out of pocket.  Cheap companies cannot afford insurance and certainly will not be able to replace  your broken items if they only make R300 profit on your  job. You might also own items of a sentimental nature, which can never be replaced - whether the company is insured or not. A reputable company is more likely to look after your goods properly and they probably have liability cover too.

Cheap Removal Companies Hire Temporary Staff

Cheap companies hire people off the street to help move your goods. Once the job is done these laborers move onto the next job. Temporary staff are more likely to steal things as they won’t be reporting for duty the next day.

Permanent staff at a reputable company are more likely to look after your things for fear of losing their jobs or having their pay docked if items are broken or go missing.

Reputable Companies Maintain Roadworthy Vehicles

Cheap companies are pressurized to do a number of jobs every day with fewer vehicles. When there is a delay earlier on, you are bound to be delayed when they don’t arrive on time.

Cheap companies are less likely to own fleets of well-maintained, insured vehicles. Their cash flow is low so they don’t always service and repair vehicles as they should. This poses a risk should a vehicle break down while transporting your valuable household goods. Not only could items be damaged, but there is a  risk of theft. While the team waits for the truck to be repaired, you will have to suffer the inconvenience of waiting for your boxes to arrive so that you can unpack.

Here are  5 Tips to Hiring a Furniture Removals Company You Can Trust

1. You can check to see which companies receive compliments and which ones receive complaints. Consumers are extremely forthright about voicing their pleasure or displeasure about service on the Internet. You can also ask friends and family members for referrals. They will gladly give you an honest report about their experiences with removal companies.

2. Be sure to check the terms and conditions before agreeing to hire a company. Make sure that you understand what you can expect and what is expected of you. This includes responsibility for packing boxes and where they should be left for collection. It also highlights all the services that the company offers.

3.  Make a comprehensive list of your inventory. You don’t want to be overcharged because you failed to document all the items. The list will also help to ensure that all your items are transported to your new home.

4.  Don’t go with a company just because they charge less. The risk is simply not worth it. 

5.  Lastly, make sure that you book a company well in advance. Good companies are busy, especially at month end. This will make it difficult to get a last-minute booking. Most reputable companies also require booking and a deposit a few weeks in advance.

Hiring a removal company that you can trust will make the moving process easier for you. You will have more than enough to concern yourself with, so leave the removals to the professionals.

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